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Bluetooth mirror monitor                


Model: KV-4248                













﹒Display Method: Digital TFT Panel

﹒Brightness: Ultra Brightness Panel, >1700cdm

﹒Resolution: 480(H) xRGBx272 (V)

﹒Video Input: Dual Video Inputs, Reverse Video Priority 

﹒System: PAL & NTSC Auto-Switching 

﹒Power Input: 10-28 Volt DC

﹒Operating Temperature: -20--+70

﹒Storage Temperature: -30--+80

﹒Viewing Angle: L/R: 7, Top 65°, Down 50°

﹒Guide Line: On/Off

﹒Mounting: Genius Brackets For Replacement

﹒Bluetooth: Inbuilt Bluetooth 4.1 version, superior voice quality


Professional and Special Features:

Monitor Auto Brightness:

﹒Under high light, the screen brightness will be much brightness for easy seeing automatically.

﹒Under weak light, the screen brightness will be weaker brightness for protecting eye seeing.


Button Auto Dimming (Konview Utility Patent):

﹒Under high light, the button light will be off, avoid the distraction to the driver

﹒Under weak light, the button light will be on, but slight tint color, avoid the distraction, but for menu easy operation



﹒4.5" Mirror Monitor, Wider Mirror and Display for more visual zone, Ultra Brightness Panel is for easy seeing under high light condition through mirror glass.

﹒3.0MM thickness anti-glare mirror, Car Safety Specification, Comply E-Mark Requirement

﹒When screen off, high reflection mirror conceal display zone, avoid driver’s distraction

﹒When the glare shines on the mirror, special chemical treatment will reduce the glare

﹒Car Blade Fuse for protecting In-car electronics and mirror monitor




1. Advanced Bluetooth 4.1 technology, compared to 4.0, it has better performance as below:

    a. Better connections.

    b. Low energy consumption

    c. Higher Transmission Speed

2.  Superior voice quality

3.  Caller ID display

4.  Answer & Reject incoming call by pressing buttons right on the mirror

5.  Voice Navigation:  Once you connect your phone to our mirror, you can listen to the voice navigation from your phone, many people prefer GPS-Navigation on their Smartphone, as it's able to provide more accurate and real-time navigation information and location, but Smartphone voice is low and not clear, our Bluetooth mirror with superior quality loudspeaker brings you perfect voice navigation experience.

6.  Voice Recognition, if you have got Voice Assistant like Siri on your Apple or Android phone, you can make calls hands free, and search with Siri or Google Voice Assistant.



More Fit:

﹒Sedan, SUV, MPV, VAN, Mini Bus


﹒Accessories: Harness Wire, Wire Cover


4.5" Mercedes styled mirror monitor--(Bluetooth Version)


1. Real OE STYLE Mirror Monitor


2. Original pedestal built in mirror, together with wire harness cover as conceal wiring


3. High resolution 4.5" New Digital LCD display


4. Resolution: 480*RGB*272


5. Super high brightness 1000cdm


6. Looks car original existing mirror, can not feel display zone (Excellent mirror performance)


7. LCD auto dimming


8. Automatic activation when you select reverse gear


9. Several original pedestal available for option (Toyota, Dodge and more coming out soon)


10. Dual video input, reverse video priority


11. Brightness OSD


12. In-built Bluetooth & Illumination lights


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