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  DVR Mirror Monitor Vision Effect Contrast2016-08-04
  2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair (Sprint Edition)2016-04-19
  2015 HKTDC Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)2015-10-21
  Sales To Engineers Badminton Match2015-07-12
  2015 CES Fair2015-04-20
  2014 HKTDC Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)2015-02-28
  2014 Chinese New Year Holidays2015-02-28
  2013 HKTDC Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)2013-10-20
  Konview shows product in 2013 CES Fair2013-04-08
  HKTDC Electronics Fair 2012 (Autumn Edition)2012-10-19
  HKTDC Electronics Fair 2011 (Autumn Edition)2011-10-21
  HKTDC Electronics Fair 2010 (Autumn Edition)2010-10-20
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