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5 inch motorized monitor                


Model: KV-4128                













Display Method: Digital TFT Panel (HD)

Resolution: 800(H) xRGBx480 (V)

Video Input: Dual Video Inputs, Reverse Video Priority 

System: PAL & NTSC Auto-Switching 

Power Input: 10-28 Volt DC

﹒Operating Temperature: -20℃--+70℃

﹒Storage Temperature: -30℃--+80℃

﹒Viewing Angle: L/R: 70°, Top 65°, Down 50°


﹒5" Motorized Monitor, Slim and creative design; 

﹒Mounting: Flip up mount / Roof mount

﹒Adjust Angle: Under No signal condition, press the round black button to set your view angle

﹒Automatically flip up when has signal inputs 

﹒Power memory functions; Supports reverse flip down delay 10-30 seconds

﹒Guide Line: On/Off

﹒Demo Video Link  



﹒Do Not move the monitor by hand, it is motorized mechanism, hand move will damage the motor gear. 

﹒Accessories: Remote, Harness Wire, 3M sticker

5" Car motorized monitor -- Konview Complete Patents Approval


1. 5" motorized monitor, flip up mount or roof mount available


2. Slim and creative design, with mechanism to avoid hand move damage


3. Resolution: 800*RGB*480 


4. Dual video inputs, AV2 is priority 


5. PAL & NTSC auto-switching 


6. Automatic activation when you select reverse gear 


7. Motorize the display open and close by video signal detection 


8. Power supply: DC12V (Heavy duty version available for option)


9. Power memory functions; supports reverse flip down delay 30 seconds

10. Guide line on/off feature


Demo Video Link  



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