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Parking Sensor Camera                 

(2 sensors)                                                 


Model: KV-1144                



420 TV Lines CMOS Sensor                 

﹒With 2pcs Led Lights                

2 Sensors, detection range: 0.3-2m                

 Lens angle 100°                


Perfect waterproof treatment                                                           





 • 4-Level sound to remind distance of the barrier

 • The system will automatically start up when reversing

 • Online output the video with obstacle's distance &position

 • 420TVL CMOS sensor, 

 •  HD Wide view angle 100°

 • 2 Led Lights

 • 2 SENSORS, detection range: 0.3-2m

 • All weather design, plastic housing, Excellent waterproof, dustproof seismic

 • Intelligent camera and sensors 2 in 1

 • HD wide view angle

 • Durable in use 

 • Heart-throb type alarm

 • Easy installation, no hole, no affects to car appearance

 • Strong anti-interference

 • Precise distance against obstacle measurement & display in monitor 

 • Perfect night vision performance

 • DC&RCA Connector

﹒Avoid the direct contact to the camera lens with high pressure cleaner while washing the car.

﹒Do not install the camera at the front of the vehicle; 

﹒Do not overstretch the cable during wiring to avoid interruptions.



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