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What Type Of Car Rear View System Should You Get?

Updated:2018-06-05 | Source:admin | Clicks:100

While buying a rear view camera system, if you are new in the field, it can be quite overwhelming for any person. With all the different options available, you might not figure out where to start. Hopefully our blog will provide you a bit of clarity and a right direction. You can also contact us in any details regarding car rear view system.

Cameras Needed In the System

How many cameras required in the system is completely dependent on the fact that what type of vehicle you want it for:

1. If you are looking for a rear view camera for a car or truck then most people go with the single camera rear view systems such as 1 and 2 Backup Camera System.

2. In case, you are looking for installing the camera on an RV, Trailer or any extra large or long vehicle, then you can use 3 To 5 Backup Camera Systems.

3. For the trailer camera, a 2 camera system Wireless Trailer Backup Camera with 1 camera for the license plate and another camera for the back of the trailer will be advised.

Types of Camera

If you plan on mounting the camera on the license plate, it is advised to backup type of camera, if you need a birds eye view camera we suggest the RV Box camera.

If you dont mind threading an RCA cable through your vehicle then go wired, you simply have to follow the instruction for wiring diagrams and manuals to help you do it in a fast way.

Our wireless car rear view system have a minimum range of 70ft, wireless cameras will never have any interference from mundane things such as microwaves, toaster, or Radios.

When you are traveling very frequently and you require long distance wireless connection for extra clarity we suggest going digital. It can be a little costly but the best with transmission ranges from 150-300ft.


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