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Critical Factors In Car Rear View System

Updated:2018-03-14 | Source:admin | Clicks:94

We all want to have a safe journey and as the technologies are evolving, we are getting more secure. One thing which is though striking is the information or lets just say the lack of it. Being one of the regarded manufacturer and supplier of car rear view, we find it as our responsibility to make everyone aware of the facts.

Driving a car is not too difficult once you master the tricks and understand the technology well enough. The simple thing is that you should be able to understand the technology so well, that you can give instructions to your car and your car should follow them and not the other way around. So, in the way of understanding your car is to point out the determining factor of the car rear view system, which is the type of the image sensor. 

The image sensor is the most crucial factor and there are two basic types of image sensor: CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) and CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor).  While CCD sensors are digital cameras with significantly higher quality images and CMOS cameras are the latest developments in sensor technology.

Though CCD cameras are far better in terms of resolution, lower system noise, brighter night vision, higher system complexity and faster uniform shuttering but a higher price than CMOS cameras. Also there is another technology called CMD emerging in the market that uses the CMOS technology but gives almost the same quality as a Sharp CCD sensor in daylight.

Another factor that affects the image quality is the overall resolution. So, you need to make sure the rear view camera has either a 420 TV Line or a 480 TV Line. We offer you varied kinds of car rear view system in our website, you can find the one suitable for your car.

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