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The Latest SEO Ideas about the Keyword Car Rear View System in January, 2018

Updated:2018-01-22 | Source:admin | Clicks:74

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Established in 2008, Konview as one of the most professional OE style mirror manufacturers in China, has been providing high quality and low cost car camera, car monitor, auto dimming mirror, car rear view system for 10 year. Today Konview would like to share the main SEO Statistics about the keyword Car Rear View System on 22nd, Jan, 2018. Please see the form below:



Search terms


Avg. monthly searches


Suggested bid

car rear view system






From above SEO statistics of Car Rear View System, we can know that this keyword is not hard to do the search engine optimization. The reasons are the following:


1. The search result of the keyword is not more than 50,000,000,

2. The Avg. monthly searches is below 500, neither too many, nor too few,

3. The Competition is Medium,

4. And the Suggested Bid is quite, which is only CN¥2.19, less than CN¥5.



Therefore, we estimated that the SEO difficulty of the keyword Car Rear View System should be around 50%.

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