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Buy Innovative Car Rear View System at Competitive Price from KONVIEW

Updated:2017-07-20 | Source:admin | Clicks:517

car rear view system

Konview has dedicated in OE style mirror since 2008. Our core value is Customer first, Staff second, Shareholder third. We listen to our customers advice and feedback them promptly. Mutual respect and benefit is the base of collaboration. Order is not the only thing we concern, we care more is a long-term partnership. If value is quite different of the two sides, it is hard to work together for a long time.


We OE style mirror, car camera, car monitor, auto dimming mirror, car rear view system with innovative, high quality, competitive price and experienced business solution. That is a lot, but it is the true. Our customers need more innovative products, a series range. To meet their requirement, our R&D team is collecting customers' advice, and put in our R&D schedule, surely, when a new product release, it will do hundreds of tests, to make sure stability and high quality performance. What is more, our company has rich experience in product understanding and service support, make customer convenient for purchasing and local sales.


In car system, safety is first. A good product can stand years' use. Some customers are not professional in product, they do not know the difference between good product and bad product. Just judge it by photos, price, and mislead by wrong words. Actually, in car system, any potential defects will lead to your survival when danger happens. We do not fear any comparision. We encourage our customer test our products and compare them with the others. We can know which one is better for deserving after comparision. We know, because not perfect, so the persuit of perfection.

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