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DVR Mirror Monitor Vision Effect Contrast

Updated:2016-08-04 | Source:admin | Clicks:712

 Konview DVR mirror monitor  Major Competitors DVR mirror monitor
 In the Sunshine Bright light Condition  
 In the Bright light Condition              
 In the Strong Light Condition ( Taking in the Backlight)  
 In the Weak Light Condition (Taking in the Backlight)  

Why you need car DVR rearview mirror?

1. Save the traffic evidence video for Police and Insurrance

2. Save the tour scenes for good memory

3. Record the wedding or sudden news

4. Evidence can be collected when road robbery occurs

5. Playing back recording video on the mirror monitor directly

6. To record the license plate of the car

7. As a rear view display mirror for camera reverse

8. GPS tracking for driving details tracking playback (Option)

9. Bluetooth link for Smartphone Voice navigation. (Option)

According to the above reasons, you can know DVR mirror monitor is necessary for the drivers, So with the perfect vision 

effect also is very important.

As the above photos showed,compared with our major competitors DVR mirror monitor, same 1080P Full HD, the quality 

can be much difference, it is technology level difference. the vision effect of our advanced style DVR mirror monitor is much 

better even more perfect.The outline of the objects is more clear. So when you playback the recording videos and photos, 

you also can see the more clear image and vision effect. 

Believe our full HD DVR mirror monitor (KV-4258) is your best choice.

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